Probiotic supplements have been around for many years and they still remain popular to this day! Thanks to their many benefits probiotics appeal to a wide range of demographics. This makes it a great supplement to include in any product line.

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Selling Private Label Probiotics

Our Probiotic – 40 Billion CFU supplement is consistently one of our top 5 best sellers. It even beats out other favorites like omega-3 fish oil and krill oil. One of the reasons that probiotics are a great addition to any product line is that they can benefit many different people.

Every human being has billions of bacteria living in their gut. Some of this bacteria is very beneficial while other bacteria can work against you. It’s important to maintain a balance to stay healthy. Unfortunately our modern lives and diets can knock our guts out of balance.

That’s why so many people have turned to probiotics to help their guts regain balance. Not all probiotics are created equal though. There are many gimmicky products on the market that don’t actually do what they claim.

Probiotics are a trusted source of the good bacteria that benefit your health. When properly designed they can deliver the good bacteria directly where it needs to go.

When looking to grow your supplement business a probiotic is a perfect addition because they’re trusted, they’re appealing to a large demographic and they’re a top seller!

All About On Demand’s Private Label Probiotic – 40 Billion

Benefits of Probiotic SupplementsOur private label Probiotic – 40 Billion contains 6 different healthy bacteria strains that are known to help promote health. Each serving has 40 billion CFUs (colony forming units). In addition our probiotic supplement does not need to be refrigerated making them convenient and worry-free.

What sets our private label probiotic apart is that it’s made with Maktrek Bi-Pass Technology. This allows the probiotics to be delivered directly to where they need to be instead of being destroyed by harsh stomach acids.

Benefits of Probiotic – 40 Billion

  • Promotes immune health
  • Boosts digestive health
  • Helps replenish healthy gut bacteria

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