Just a few short years ago beards were difficult to find. Not very many men were sporting beards, they were mostly reserved for lumberjacks and outdoorsmen. But since then times and fashions have changed. Beards are now a common sight, even among professionals. With this increase in beard popularity men are also looking for ways to keep their beards looking and feeling their best. Beard oil and beard balm are the top two beard products on the market and a great way to start your own beard care business.

One of the best ways and easiest ways to get started is by drop shipping private label beard products.

3 Reasons to Start Your Bear Card Business

3 Reasons to Sell Private Label Beard Care Products

Private labeling is a great way to start your own beard care business because it’s quick and easy, affordable and effective. It’s possible to start your own beard care business by making products in your home or partnering with manufacturers to create your own custom formula but neither of those options are as quick, easy, effective or affordable as drop shipping private labeling beard care products.

1. Quick and Easy

There are many people who start their own beard care line from their home or start by having a manufacturer produce a custom formula for them. Both options take a lot of time that would be better spend building your business. When you’re starting out having a an option that is both quick and easy is much more convenient.

Manufacturing a custom beard product eliminate the need for you to make the product yourself but your turnaround time is going to take considerably longer. The sooner you have the product in stock the sooner you can turn a profit, waiting around for your custom beard products to show up is a waste of your time especially since time is money especially in a startup.

Private labeling on the other hand eliminates the need to make your own products and the turnaround time is much faster than if you were to create your own custom beard oil or beard balm. It’s the best of both worlds.

2. Affordable

Private label beard care products are an extremely affordable way to start selling online. The price of the packaging like bottles and tins are built into the price of the product. You don’t need to source your own packaging or ingredients. By private labeling you get to take advantage of the wholesale pricing instead of having to buy your own ingredients.

When you compare private labeling to custom, private labeling is more affordable too. When it comes to creating your own custom beard care products the minimum order quantity (MOQ) is going to be much higher. So you’re going to have to buy more product which means spending more money even if your per unit cost goes down. And while it’s tempting to only consider per unit cost it’s more important to buy what you can afford when you’re just starting out. It doesn’t matter if the per cost unit is dirt cheap if you can’t afford the order as a whole.

Private label beard care products have a really low MOQ, sometimes there is no minimum at all which is the ideal when you’re just starting out. No MOQ means you can spend what you have and you don’t put yourself in a risky position of holding too much inventory.

3. Tried and Tested

Finally, one of the biggest reasons to consider private labeling beard care products is because it’s been tried and tested already. You could make up your own beard care formula in your kitchen or with a custom manufacturer but with either of those methods you can’t be 100% sure you have the best formula possible.

When you use a private label formula you’re selling a product that has been thoroughly tested for quality and effectiveness and for market appeal. If it’s a top selling private label product then you know that it’s a consumer favorite. If it wasn’t the seller wouldn’t need to come back for more which would probably result in the product being phased out or updated. You benefit from this process without having to go through the failures and revisions yourself.

The Best Way to Get Started with Drop Shipping

What’s even better than selling private label beard care products? Drop shipping private label beard care products! Drop shipping is when the supplier mails your product directly to the customer after the customer places their order. You don’t hold the inventory and you don’t have to worry about fulfilling orders either.

On Demand Fulfillment is the only company out there that allows you to both private label and drop ship beard care products. With other companies you can do one or the other but not both. At On Demand Fulfillment we combined these business models to create an amazing startup opportunity for entrepreneurs that don’t have as much cash or time to invest into starting an online business.

Diagram of How On Demand Fulfillment Works

There are no minimums, you only pay when a customer buys and we take care of the labeling and fulfillment for you. With No-Shave November right around the corner now is a great time to kick start your own private label beard care business!

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