Drop shipping supplements can be great or it can be awful. When you start your company with eyes wide open it’s easy to avoid the pitfalls of supplement drop shipping but that means seeing the benefits and understanding the potential risks.

So let’s discuss six things you need to know before you start drop shipping.

3 Benefits of Drop Shipping Supplements

3 Benefits of Drop Shipping Supplements

Drop shipping is one of the hottest e-commerce business models at the moment. It’s low-risk and easy to set up and you never have to hold inventory and the product goes directly from the supplier to your customer.

Here are just a few benefits of drop shipping supplements…

1. Great Way to Build a Business Quickly

Drop shipping is a great way to build a business quickly because you don’t have to put in as much work as building your own business from the ground up. The drop shipper has already done the work for you of sourcing products and building out fulfillment.

You don’t have to worry about ordering inventory and waiting on shipments to arrive before you can start selling. You also don’t need to worry about figuring out the best fulfillment options or buying any of that equipment either.

All you need to do is build your website and start selling and you can do that in less than a day depending on your design and tech skills and which platform you’re using.

2. Supplements are in High Demand

Drop shipping supplements is especially intriguing because supplements are in high demand. They’re currently a $121.6 billion industry and it’s expected to hit $278.02 billion by 2024. You can jump into this market right away by drop shipping some of the most popular supplements on the market.

A staggering 68% of Americans take dietary supplements. That’s a big market that is only expected to keep growing.

3. Cheap Way to Start a Company

Not only can you build a drop shipping supplement company quickly, you can also build one pretty cheap. Many people opt for drop shipping supplements because you don’t have to pay for or hold inventory. You only pay for product as you sell it.

Most private label supplement companies require a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of at least 50. That can add up fast depending on the supplement you purchase. The price per unit could be as much as $6 and you still have to label and ship the product yourself.

Drop shipping supplements is even a great way to test the market in a low-risk way, even if you already own a supplement company.

3 Supplement Drop Shipping Pitfalls to Avoid3 Supplement Drop Shipping Pitfalls to Avoid

While there are a lot of advantages to drop shipping supplements don’t let rose colored glasses get in your way of seeing the risks before you jump in.

1. Not All Supplement Drop Shippers Are Good

When you’re working with a drop shipping company to sell supplements you’re not really working with the manufacturer, you’re working with a supplier. It’s hard to know where they got their product or if it’s the real deal.

It’s important to do your research on the drop ship company you’re working with to make sure their products are legit before you turn around and start selling them to your customers.

2. You’re Legally Responsible

This brings us to our next point. The reason it’s so important to be sure about the quality of the product that you’re selling is because you’re the one legally responsible.

If the product you sell to a customer somehow makes them sick or is poor quality, you’re the one at risk, not your supplier. That’s why it’s so important to research the drop ship company and research the products that you’ll be drop shipping.

3. You’re Not Building Your Own Brand

One of the major drawbacks of drop shipping supplements is that you’re not building your brand, you’re building someone else’s. Think of yourself as a retailer like Walmart. You’re selling another brand’s product and making money off of it, but your customer could just as easily find that same product at Target.

In the cutthroat world of drop shipping sometimes it comes down to competing on price without much customer loyalty. In this way, you’re not promoting your brand or your own products, you’re promoting someone else’s brand and products.

BUT! There’s a Solution… On Demand Fulfillment

On Demand Fulfillment offers you the chance to drop ship supplements and build your own brand through private labeling. And when you pair drop shipping supplements with private labeling you have a powerful combination.

You’ll be building your own brand and company. At On Demand Fulfillment you can put your own logo on the supplement label and even on the shipping label so that everything points back to you and your brand.

We partner with cGMP, FDA registered Vox Nutrition – a supplement manufacturer – to bring you high-quality supplements. With On Demand Fulfillment you can build your very own supplement brand while drop shipping. As far we know, no one else does this!

At On Demand, we keep more than 100 of Vox’s most popular supplements stocked in-house for you to drop ship with your own brand right on the bottle.