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With our complete in house team we are your one stop shop to get everything you need to sell your line of private label supplements.

Purchase your supplements one order at a time and have us label and ship from one place. With On Demand Fulfillment you save time and money. See how we make your private labeling fast and easy with our in house team of experts.

Private Label Supplements - On Demand Fulfillment

How can On Demand Fulfillment help you in Skin Care and Cosmetic private labeling?

On Demand Fulfillment has over 10 years’ experience in private labeling and shipping products. We have found the bestselling products and have them ready to ship in our state of the art  facility. Currently we have 9 highly sought after products ready for you to sell.

Private Label Supplements - On Demand Fulfillment

In a world where people are constantly looking for new ways to have healthy, soft and shiny hair and beards. Is it any wonder why the global hair care market is estimated to be worth around $83.1 Billion dollars by the end of 2016. As astounding as those numbers are what is more astounding is the fact that the hair care market is expected to continue growing to be worth almost $95 Billion by 2021.

Seeing the large opportunities in the hair care market, On Demand Fulfillment is proud to announce our newest private label hair and beard care product in our new Private Label Hair Oil and Beard Oil.

Private Label Supplements - On Demand Fulfillment


Getting Started:

odfboxOn Demand Fulfillment wants to make the process of ordering Private Label products as easy as possible. We completely eliminate your risk of stocking a huge inventory, leasing expensive warehouse space, and employee overhead, allowing you to have more financial backing for marketing.

Imagine launching a website with over 100 products for sale from the get go, with minimal overhead and no risk! Leave the worries of storing, labeling, and shipping to On Demand Fulfillment. Sound too good to be true? Well, it isn’t. Here is how it works:

  1. Choose a tier of products you want to carry on your site. You can pick as little as 1, or offer everything we have on your online shop.
  2. The next step is label design. Let On Demand Fulfillment’s expert design team create your brand for you, or you can use your own designer. On Demand Fulfillment can create your labels for $199 per design, which can be applied to 3 products. Add an additional $40 for each product label after that.
  3. When you are ready to start selling, we connect your shopping cart to our state of the art shipping and inventory software.

That’s it! Now you can focus on marketing your new online store without the hassle and financial responsibility of inventory and all the overhead that comes with a warehouse and shipping.


How It Works:

Because you didn’t have to train employees, purchase expensive inventory systems, or spend thousands of dollars stocking a huge inventory to get the best price, you were able to focus on marketing your new website. Which means you spent your time driving traffic to your site and gaining social media attention, both of which are key!

This is what happens once your customer places their order on your new website:

  1. Customer checks out as normal, receives an email receipt you have created just like any other online purchase.
  2. Funds are deposited in your account as normal, just like any other website.
  3. Product and shipping information is sent to us via API integration.
  4. We print your shipping label with your company name and logo on it.
  5. We print your product private label design and label the product purchased.
  6. We ship the product to your customer for you with our discounted shipping rates.
  7. Once the product is shipped, you and your customer will receive a customized and branded email with a clickable tracking number.

Yes, it’s just that easy. In fact, most orders are shipped the same day they were placed! What’s better than no risk, and all the reward? Let On Demand Fulfillment be your one stop shop for private labeling, storage and shipping. What are you waiting for? Get Started Today!

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