Launching a new product can be nerve wracking in any industry no matter what you’re selling. A good product launch can set you up for long term success while a bad product launch can make for an uphill battle.

So what’s the secret to a great product launch? Well most of the work that goes into a successful product launch starts before you even know what product you want to launch.

3 Steps to Doing Your Research

1. Research Supplements

Find out everything you can about the supplement you want to sell. If it has a lot of research to back the results, all the better. This will all help when you dig down to start creating marketing materials and content for your product.

Your product research and following the previous two steps will help you to create unique selling points (USPs) that will capture your customers attention. One technique to help you do this is write down all the features of that supplements and then writing down how those features translate into benefits.

For example, in our Best Seller Ultra weight loss supplement there is 130mg of green tea extract, that’s a feature. The benefits of green tea are that it boosts metabolism and enhances weight loss. The benefits are what you’re really after because that’s what the customer actually cares about.

2. Research The Market

When considering what new product you would like to launch the first thing you need to do is research on the market. Find out which supplements are on the rise and which ones are in decline. Google Trends is a great tool for this. With Google Trends you can see how interest in a search term is increasing or decreasing.

Google Trends is one tool that we use to determine which supplements are rising stars so that we know what to keep in stock to provide supplement businesses with the most popular products.

Spend time interacting with your demographic, wherever that may be. If your demographic is on Facebook go there and see what supplements they’re interested in but also find out what they’re struggling with. If it’s weight, stomach issues, joint health, etc. you now know what problems need solving and you can then pick a supplement that solves it.

Another option is just searching what supplements are the most popular in whatever niche you want to be in whether that’s dietary supplements, nutraceuticals or weight loss supplements you’ll get a good idea what people are already buying.

3. Research Your Competition

Now that you have an idea of what supplement you want to sell and what problems you demographic is facing, now is that time to research your competition. Find out how much they charge, what their formula is like, how they market their supplement, and how their customers feel about them.

If your goal is to sell on Amazon check to see how many reviews your competition has and what these reviews are like. Are there are lot of complaints? Are people obsessed with this supplement?

Looking at your competition will tell you how easy or difficult it will be to break into the market for that particular supplement. If multiple companies have thousands of rave reviews for the supplement you want to sell, it might be a good idea to find a different supplement that isn’t as competitive.

Supplement Launch Strategy

supplement launch strategy

Create Engaging Content

Now that all your research is complete and you have a long list of both features and benefits, it’s time to use that to create great content that your audience will love. You’ll be able to use your market, competition, and product research to create sales pages, blog posts, social posts, and Amazon content.

In the world of supplements competition is fierce. You want to be able to gather an audience that you can then sell your product to. Producing engaging content will help you do just that. When you can create your own audience you’re not only the commercial, you’re the main event as well.

Start Running Ads

Generating traffic organically can take a lot of time and patience. Whether it’s your own website/product page or a product listing on Amazon or eBay, getting customers to buy a new product can be difficult. One way to quickly generate traffic is by running ads. This is a great way to start making sales and getting reviews to get some momentum going behind your new product.

Running ads can be expensive but a worthwhile investment to successfully launch your new supplement. There are a variety of ads that you can test to see which ones will have the best return on ad spend (ROAS) for you. Some places you might consider advertising are…

  • On Amazon/eBay (wherever you’re selling your supplement)
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Google Shopping
  • Google PPC

Test the Market

A lot of people worry about buying a ton of inventory without knowing for sure whether or not your product and marketing will work. It’s a real risk to be sure but there are ways to get around it. One way is with private label products that you can drop ship.

By private labeling the supplement, you’re building your brand because you’re putting your name and logo on the supplement and selling it as your own. When you combine that with drop shipping you don’t have to worry about losing money on inventory that doesn’t sell. With drop shipping you don’t actually own the inventory, you only pay when the customers buys.

It’s also great because the shipping is also taken care of for you. So basically drop shipping is the ultimate way to test whether the market likes the supplement and your marketing without having to pay for mass amounts of inventory.

How On Demand Fulfillment Can Help

At On Demand Fulfillment we’ve helped many companies build their brand and grow with drop shipping private label supplements. We offer over 100 supplements that we keep in-house for you to add to your website. As soon as an order comes in from a customer we pick, label, pack and ship the product straight to their door.

Our partnership with Vox Nutrition allows us to offer you supplements that are top quality. Vox is a GMP FDA registered facility and one of the top supplement manufacturers in the industry.

On Demand Fulfillment offers a risk free way to start your very own supplement company. Let us help you grow your business!