By popular demand we are excited to introduce our new customer referral program. In this tiered referral program you can make up to $7,000 for each person you introduce to On Demand Fulfillment. With our new customer referral program you can now get paid for helping your friends, family and colleagues succeed.

Our referral program is a tiered system with payouts that are tied to different milestones in the progress of your referral. Each milestone has a different sized payout altogether totaling $7,000. Keep in mind that this is not an MLM! You only get paid for the people you refer and only when they hit their milestones.

On Demand Fulfillment Customer Referral Program

  • When they sell 1,000 bottles within the first year… you earn $500
  • When they sell 5,000 bottles within the first year… you earn $1,000
  • When they sell 10,000 bottles within the first year… you earn $2,000
  • When they sell 25,000 bottles within the first year… you earn $3,500

Simply introduce your friends, colleagues, or family members to your On Demand account rep. As they start selling and drop shipping supplements to build their business, we will cut you a check and pay you each time they reach a new sales tier.

Your referral has one year from joining On Demand Fulfillment to reach each sales tier. You are free to coach and mentor your referral in order to help them reach each new tier. The more successful your referral, the more rewards you can earn!

This new customer referral program is our way of saying thank you! We love that you want to send new customers our way and we think you should get rewarded. Know that we appreciate every referral and good review you send our way!

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