sell all the supplementsThere are so many supplements on the market today it can be hard to pick which ones to sell. Here at On Demand we keep over 100 supplements in stock for you to offer to your customers. You can feel like a kid in a candy store and want to sell all the supplements.

Well the good news is you don’t have to sell all the supplements. And despite the fast pace and ever changing trends there are a few solid standbys that you should consider selling no matter what niche you’re in.

Why Sell the Basic Supplements?

There are some supplements that are so widely used that they’ve become mainstream. Everyone uses them not just a certain age group, gender or other demographic, these supplements seem to appeal to everyone.

Offering these types of basics is a great way to expand your product line without having to do a lot of extra marketing or education. These basics work well as add-ons or upsells because your customer is probably already using one of these supplements or has thought about it.

This works particularly well if you’re selling from your own e-commerce store like Shopify. Making your store a one-stop-shop can help you increase average order value and customer lifetime value. If you’re customer is already there and already buying adding on a basic supplement that they use already using is an easy choice.

Top Everyday Basic Supplements to Sell Online

Multivitaminhow many supplement users use multivitamins

This is probably the most basic of all basic supplements. Multivitamins are universal and everyone can use one. They help people achieve complete nutrition and fill in any kinds of nutritional gaps.

In fact multivitamins top the charts as the most popular vitamin supplements out there. The most recent survey from the Council for Responsible Nutrition found that 83% of supplement users from 18-34, 75% of supplement users from 35-54 and 70% of supplement users 55+ take a multivitamin.

Our catalog includes both a men’s and a women’s multivitamin so that you can zero in on customer. There’s no need to sell men’s multi if your target demographic is women and visa versa.


Omega-3 short for omega-3 fatty acids are healthy fats with a long list of potential health benefits. They’re considered essential because the body can’t make these fats and you can only get them from the foods you eat.

Unfortunately our modern American diet doesn’t provide us with very many of these healthy fats in our day-to-day lives. That’s why so many people have taken to supplementing with omega-3 vitamins.

Omega-3 supplements have become widely used and is gaining popularity each year. More than 18 million American use omega-3 supplements making them a great basic option to offer in any supplement shop whether your customers are young or old, men or women.


A lot of research has been done in the last 10 years regarding gut health and what researchers have found is that gut health can have a major impact on many other areas of the body. From mental health to weight your gut can impact your overall health.

One of the biggest factors to achieving good gut health and supporting overall health is the bacteria that live in your gut. There are good and bad bacteria that live in the gut. Too much of the bad and you’ll have health issues. But when the gut is fortified with the right variety of good bacteria – a.k.a. Probiotics – people experience much better gut and overall health.

For many over 3 million American adults, probiotics have become an indispensable part of their daily routines because of the amazing benefits they’ve experienced. Not all probiotics are created equal though. Many aren’t manufactured correctly and so don’t deliver the probiotics to the right part of the gut, making them useless.

At On Demand Fulfillment our private label probiotics come with a variety of beneficial bacteria strains. They also come encapsulated in specially designed MakTrek capsules that ensure the bacteria gets to the right part of the gut where it can thrive.

The Takeaway

Adding a few basic, mainstream supplements to your supplement shop can be a great way to grow your product offering no matter what niche your in. These supplements are a great way to upsell customers, offer add-ons and act as a one-stop-shop for your customers supplement needs. You can start out with a few of the most basic basics like multivitamins, omega-3s and probiotics and go from there.

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