Supplement Label On Demand Fulfillment

Consumers interact with a lot of products everyday. Standing out from competition starts with great products, but a great label can help! Creating a label that reflects your brand and product can make all the difference, so what does the perfect supplement label look like? 

Labels that are FDA Compliant

First, to create a great supplement label you need to make sure it meets FDA requirements. This is insanely important! Without the right information, your product can’t be sold throughout the U.S. So once again, it’s priority number one to have: 

  • Label Statements
    • Supplement Name
    • The Amount of Product
    • List of Ingredients
    • Manufacturer/Packer Name and Address
  • Supplement Facts
  • Inactive Ingredients List

Supplement Label Design Elements to ConsiderLabel Colors On Demand Fulfillment


Choosing a label color can communicate a lot of information about your product. Before consumers even read the name of the product or see your logo, a color can tell them a little bit about it. Color also helps your product stand out, especially if it’s a bright color like red or yellow. What color should you pick? 

  • Red – Red is commonly used for products that support stamina, exercise performance, or sexual health. This attention-grabbing color represents power, energy, and passion. 
  • Yellow – This color communicates joy and happiness. Yellow is also commonly used for energy products, but it’s also frequently utilized for kids’ products! 
  • Blue – This calming color is great for products that support cognitive function, focus, or stress relief. Many sleep supplements utilize this color because it represents serenity and stability. 
  • Green – Green often reflects nature and freshness, but is also associated with health and vitality. Because of this, products that support overall health or are vegan/clean products are great for green labels. 
  • Pink – This color is used the most in women’s health products. As a stereotypical feminine color, pink is a common color for women’s multivitamins and hair & skin vitamins. However, pink communicates optimism and romance as well. 
  • Orange – Orange can be used for a variety of products. The color represents fun and energy, but also immunity and healing. Because of this, it’s great for immune supplements, kids’ products, or energy-boosting products! 
  • Purple – This color communicates luxury and extravagance. However, similar to blue, many calming and sleep supplements use this color. Bright purples can be great for kids’ products too!
  • White – Picking white as your primary color helps your packaging look clean and chic, but white also represents simplicity and purity. 
  • Black – Similar to white, black can be a great primary color because it reflects luxury, but is associated with authority. Many pre-workout and exercise performance supplements utilize this color. 


TextLabel Fonts On Demand Fulfillment

Eye-catching labels have clear and legible text. Even the smallest text on your label should be easy to read. When it comes to labels, pick a font that compliments your product. 

For example, a sports nutrition product that supports muscle growth could have a big, bold font. An immune gummy for children could have a more playful, handwriting font. A product that supports women’s health could have a softer, smoother font. Just remember that whatever font you pick, it should be easily readable! 

If you want more than one font on your label, that’s great! We would just recommend keeping it to two different fonts. More than that and your label can feel crowded! The best combinations are usually one serif and one san serif font. 

  • Serif – A small line at the end of a stroke in a letter (i.e., Times New Roman or Garamond)
  • San Serif – No small lines at the end of a stroke (i.e., Helvetica or Verdana)


Creating a Supplement Label with On Demand

Working with On Demand Fulfillment couldn’t be more simple. We have over a hundred private label products that you can choose to add to your shop. Once you have selected your products, it’s time for the label. You can either work with your own designer or utilize our expert team to create your custom label. We print your product labels in-house to lower turnaround times and guarantee quality! 

Once your products are ready to go and added to your eCommerce site, we connect your shopping cart to our system. As you receive orders, our team fulfills them and sends them straight to your customer! It couldn’t be easier, which means you get to focus more time on your marketing and growing your business! 


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