special pricing on our private label immune boosting supplements

With the cold weather moving in across the country, more people are looking for ways to help boost their immune systems. To help them and their family members stay healthy during the season where the cold, flu and other viruses are more prevalent. As a result, we at On Demand Fulfillment want to help our sellers capitalize on this increase of demand, by giving a special low price for our two top Immune Boosting Vitamin Supplements.

Why Sell Our Daily & Emergency Immune Supplement?

private label daily immune support vitamin supplement

Our private label daily & emergency immune support supplements are formulated with 10 of the industry’s top immune fighting ingredients. Designed to support the body’s digestive health to quickly help remove toxins from the body. While also helping boost the body’s system with the antioxidants they need to fight off viruses and boost the immune system. Packed with ingredients like Elderberry, vitamin C, Echinacea, Zinc, and Garlic this is one of the best immune formulas in the industry.

Benefits of Our Immune Support Supplements

  • Boost Immune System Health
  • Promotes Digestive Health
  • Packed with Immune Fighting Ingredients
  • Powerful & Potent Antioxidants

Immune Support Supplements On Popular Marketplaces 

As stated earlier Immune-boosting vitamin supplements sales tend to see huge jumps in sales across all platforms in the last and first parts of the year. Typically caused by the colder weather setting in and more people being forced to stay indoors. So we ask ourselves where is the best place to sell these supplements? So here we will look at 2 of the top marketplaces for this type of vitamin supplements, and how sellers are doing selling these products.

Amazon Sales & Trends

immune support sales on amazon

Amazon has seen some huge sales for these types of products over the last year. During that time we saw an increase in search volume for these supplements improved by more than 3X what it was. So is it any wonder that sellers of this popular supplement sold more than 6 million dollars worth in the last 12 months?

eBay Sales & Trends

immune support supplements on ebay

As a general rule Amazon typically gets more traffic for vitamin supplements, so we were pleasantly surprised to see that in the last year sales for immune supplements on eBay were more than 3X that of Amazon! Despite eBay sellers selling their supplements at an average of $21.33 a bottle compared to Amazon sellers selling for $24 a bottle. eBay sellers generated over 22 million dollars in sales. With immune supplements seeing an increase in sales by more than 3,000 sales a day. This is clearly the marketplace to start selling immune-fighting supplements today.

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