The supplement industry is constantly changing which is what makes it so exciting. One of those constant changes are new supplement trends that are always popping up. Two supplements that we’ve been keeping an eye on are beetroot and medicinal mushroom supplements.

Both of these supplements have been increasing in popularity and are now finally reaching the mainstream. We’re excited to be able to offer these two trending supplements for private label and drop shipping.

All About Private Label Beetroot Supplements

Benefits of Beetroot Powder

Beets are root vegetables that are packed with nutrients. They’re high in antioxidants and healthy nitrates that provide many benefits for all types of people. However not everyone likes beets and not everyone wants to eat beets every day in order to reap the benefits.

Beetroot supplements are a great way that anyone can get the benefits of beets without having to actually eat beets! Our private label beetroot supplements are made of easy-to-swallow vegetable capsules packed with organic beetroot powder.

One of the best things about selling beetroot supplements is that they’re so versatile! They have a variety of benefits that are appealing for anyone from athletes to your average-Joe. Beetroot vitamins can potentially help athletes to have better performance thanks to the healthy nitrates. But it is also packed with other nutrients that can help fight inflammation and support heart health among other things.

Benefits of Beetroot Supplements

  • Rich in healthy nitrates
  • Helps fight inflammation
  • Supports healthy blood pressure
  • Promotes brain health

All About Private Label Mushroom 10X Supplement

Benefits of Mushroom 10XMushrooms are another nutrient packed food that has tons of benefits. There are a few different rare and potent mushrooms that have tons of antioxidants and other potent phytonutrients that can help promote health and energy. Much like beets though not everyone likes mushrooms and not everyone eats mushrooms daily (let alone rare, specialty mushrooms).

Interest in medicinal mushrooms has been increasing over the last few years and now they’re finally starting to hit the mainstream. To be clear, medicinal mushrooms are not medicine. They got their name because of the many health benefits that they can provide.

While some mushroom supplements only contain one type of mushroom or maybe a few our private label Mushroom 10X contains 10 different types of mushrooms powders and extracts. It’s an all-in-one mushroom supplement designed to give a wide range of benefits. This is the only mushroom supplement your customers will need in their cabinet because it can do it all.

Benefits of Mushroom 10X

  • Supports brain health
  • Promotes energy levels
  • Boosts immune health
  • Antioxidant-rich

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