The health and wellness industry can be super confusing and overwhelming for the regular, everyday consumer. They might not trust your brand or they might not trust that your product is for them. These barriers to entry can block members of your audience from becoming customers.

It’s your job to help break down these barriers in order to build trust and win over customers. These barriers can be anything from a lack of information to the price of a first purchase.

One of the best ways to break down these barriers is through lead magnets! What’s a lead magnet? Digital Marketer says it best, “Lead Magnet — noun — an irresistible bribe offering a specific chunk of value to a prospect in exchange for their contact information.”

Here are 6 types of lead magnets you should consider implementing in order to draw in more leads and sell more supplements.

1. Guide

guide lead magnet example

Guides are some of the most common types of lead magnets out there! They’re very popular because a guide can help answer a lot of questions especially for complex topics. Diet and exercise guides are very popular for example in the weight loss market.

A guide should target a specific problem and provide a specific answer. Don’t try to go broad. Instead zero in and get specific. Make sure you’re giving your leads a resource that they can act on quickly and has a clear focus.

For example, a guide on how to lose weight is way too broad. A guide on how to lose weight for women over 50 with arthritis is much more specific and targeted. Start with a specific question or concern that your audience has and create a how-to guide around that.

2. Cheat Sheet

cheat sheet lead magnet example

Cheat sheets often come in the form of a single page handout and are different from a guide. They have a small scope of focus and provide a large amount of information on a single topic at a glance.

Your leads should be able to consume the information on a cheat sheet in less than 10 minutes. A cheat sheet would be great for questions that your customers have that don’t warrant an entire guide.

Taking a deep dive into one of your most frequently asked questions is a great place to start when you’re creating a cheat sheet. It allows you to deliver a lot of information on a question that you know the majority of your audience has. Don’t think of it as a sales pitch though!

3. Checklist

discounts and free shipping lead magnet example

Checklists are a really fun and popular type of lead magnet because they’re simple, quick and easy to produce and consume. Cheat sheets and guides provide a lot of information but sometimes all people need is to know is the “what.”

  • What exercises should I do?
  • What should I eat to lose weight?
  • What supplements should I buy?

4. Discounts & Free Shipping

discounts and free shipping lead magnet example

Sometimes the barrier to entry for your lead is as simple as price. Giving money to a company you’re not sure you can trust for a product you’re not sure will work for you is a tough ask. By providing your leads with a discount offer in exchange for their email can help you quickly overcome that potential barrier.

It’s up to you to make sure that the discount works with your numbers. The point is to entice leads to become customers but your work isn’t over there. There’s no point in spending mountains of time and money to bring in new leads if you don’t retain them.

5. Quiz

quiz making software for lead magnet

Who doesn’t love a quiz? Some quizzes are just for fun (which Disney princess are you?) while others can help you solve a problem (How much protein do I need?). Quizzes are a really fun and engaging way to connect with your customers and give them individualized advice from your expert perspective.

The key with making a quiz into a lead magnet is by gating the results or at least asking for their email in exchange. Gated results can be controversial and you’ll definitely get less people opting in to get their results than take the quiz.

It’s up to you to A) create a quiz that is so compelling they feel they need to see the results. B) Decide if giving away the results is more valuable and has a higher conversion than gating the results. You can do a test to check which is true but gathering contact information is way more valuable than you think so don’t sell yourself short.

6. Resource

lead magnet resource example

Sometimes people just want all the information they’re looking for all in one place. Make it simple for them. This could be an index, toolkit or worksheet to help them on their journey to accomplishing a goal or completing a task.

This type of lead magnet really incorporates whatever you think your potential lead might want or need that falls within your wheelhouse. What problems are they facing and what tool could you give them to make their life easier?

The Takeaway

Selling supplements can be difficult without the right marketing strategy. Building trust is a big part of growing your business and when you can consistently provide your audience value you’ll start to do just that.

Lead magnets are just a way to help you make the most of the value you provide by asking for something valuable in return. So start experimenting with different types of lead magnets and see what impact it has.

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