3 Ways to Prepare for the New Year

3 Ways to Prepare for the New Year in the Supplement Industry

In the supplement industry, the new year is our Christmas. The first of the year means a massive spike in traffic and sales so it’s best to make the most of it. There are millions of people making health related new year’s resolutions so it’s your chance to rake in a heap of new customers.

Of course so is every other supplement company out there.

That’s why it’s so important to head into the new year totally prepared to make the most of this business opportunity. The most successful companies are already ramping up their marketing now so that when people start making their goals they’ll know where to go for the help they need.

Here’s how to get started…

Set Goals for the New Yearsupplement industry new year goals

Your customers will be striving towards goals and so should you! It might seem silly or trivial but setting new company goals for the new year will give you something to strive for and work towards.

If you already have goals that you’re working towards, that’s great, keeping going. At the same time, setting some goals specifically for this time of the year can really help add some fresh motivation to everything that you’re doing. These can be short term goals that fit into your longer term goals and help you make the most of the boom in interest.

Ultimately these goals will help you measure how successful your efforts are this new year. Make sure they match up with what you plan to do. If you set a goal to grow your social media following but then pour all your time into a new email campaign, you’re going to be disappointed when you don’t magically reach your social media goal.

Start Testing Ads Nowsupplement industry new year marketing campaign

Like I mentioned before the smart companies are already beginning to up their marketing and advertising game. Getting your name and face in front of potential customers early on will give you an advantage to those who wait until the new year to start advertising.

Now is the time to start building that relationship and trust with potential customers. According to one study 88% of shoppers do research before they make a purchase. By running eye catching ads ahead of time you have more of a chance that they’ll remember you and return to do some research.

The competition will also be a lot lower so you can have a little more freedom to experiment, play around and find out which ads work the best. Doing this testing now allows you to run fine tuned ads during peak season.

New Product Launchsupplement industry new year new product launch

While the new year is prime time for picking up new customers you don’t want to forget about the ones you already have. Launching a new product can be just the thing to excite them and entice them back to your store.

This can be one new product or a whole line of new products. One of the hottest diet trends this year has been keto and there’s no doubt there will be a new wave of keto dieters once the new year hits. Earlier this year we launched a whole line of keto supplements that can be sold as an amazing keto supplement bundle.

Make sure that you sync your new product launch campaign across all your channels: social, email, website, etc. A consistent message across all your channels is less confusing to customers. If a customer sees a post or an add for a new product and sees nothing about it on your site they’re going to be confused and less likely to buy.

The Takeaway

These are just a few ways to prepare for the new year ahead. You might also think about developing a new lead capture campaign funnel, starting a challenge that customers can follow along with, releasing a supplement guide or teaming up with influencers to create a workouts or meal plans that will attract customers.

Whatever you decide to do, now’s the time to get going! With only a few weeks until the new year there’s no time to waste!

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